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released March 4, 2017

written, performed and recorded by sascha dettbarn



all rights reserved


KOLIBRI_GHOST Brunswick, Germany

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Track Name: songs of cinder
this could
all be over
in an instant

all our
pretty achievements
our most holy
works and ideas

there's nothing we can do
things come to an end
let it go now

from this somethingness
into nothingness, this
could feel like home

we will
be delivered
from the burden
of being a thing

and all the
demons and nightmares
will simply
cease to exist

fear not broken one
we all know your pain
you're at home here

we might be alone
there might be no point
but it's kind of beautiful
Track Name: be quiet
sit down, be quiet
hold your breath because
all the words you will say
are unnecessary

so unnecessary

no more white noise
no more talking static
you've been exposed

no need to impress
anyone anymore
for we know what you are
we know what you are

We know, you're tired,
of this dreary process
all this running up the hill
was unnecessary

so unnecessary

we just want you to know
that it is okay
to be who you are

no need to impress
anyone anymore
for we know what you are
we know what you are
Track Name: change
this hysterical
need you have
for validation, honey, it's so fucking sad
I watched it change into a problem, baby

and I know that
you're just
like a bleeding animal with raving eyes
but that doesn't change the way I feel

you surely feel
so alive
but with this you make everybody pay the price
and somehow they are all to blame

this might sound
bitter but
if you stay on this course you will be alone
cause I guarantee no one will take your shit any longer

and if you swing in every direction one day you will find
yourself alone and forgotten

where do we go from here
put the dog to sleep
Track Name: wolves
I am clearing out the wolves den
a voice loud enough to bring down walls
in this age of rejection
my mouth gives birth to truth and beauty

for I will walk there,
where the beast is on the prowl
where the earth is burned to ashes
for I will walk there,
with a lit torch in my hand
to throw it in the nest
and run

you will bear the wounds of
all the battles you have never fought
it's good to know the name of the monster
to hunt it down

after the wave
of numming noise
dies away
a new born silence
is about to settle down
Track Name: travesty
patterns repeat
in slight alterations
comfortingly trivial
no surprises

new car smell
puddles on the sidewalk
waiting in checkout lines
gridlock on the way home

calm and composed
much to achieve, and to stand for
and to believe in something
tidy and neat, friendly and clean
rewind repeat again

furniture store
choking on luke-
warm instant coffee
in a paper cup

watching tv over
microwave dinner
shows with canned laughter
heartburn and sudden sadness

for the lack of something better I take
part in this travesty
why, won't I just disappear completely
for the lack of something better

dental plans
cheap car insurance
fastfood on the parking lot
dogs in the distance

trying to be nice
no new regrets
sorry the focusgroup
did not like it at all
Track Name: pity party
back off or someone will die here
and it probably will be me
I hold on to what I know even if it's just...
self loathing and being a cynical asshole
all the times that I dont know better

sometimes weirdly clinical
other times as brittle as a bird
this rage is just the blind fear of a wounded animal(...)
facing this dreary prop-like existence and
trying to transcend the primate and

accept the distinctive sameness in everything,in every waking hour
this disenchanting interchangeability, we have seen it all:
the bells and the whistles, the smoke and the mirros

welcome, take a seat and
join the pity party
where we demand significance and feel entitled...
could someone please say that I'm great and so intelligent ?
cause it seems like I really need this
Track Name: mute
hypnotised by the world
all alone in this sound
echo in my head and numbing everything away

feeling through cellophane
with my paperthin skin
I am thinking in tounges and all thats left
is still the same

I'll rip my flesh from my bones
just to feel in control again
and I don't mind that my sad little actions
are merely illusions
believe me, i know, i know
please just play along

what is there left to say
when everything has been told
wandering aimlessly without a single soul to see
picking up all the shards,
a meek attempt to hold on
trying to reanimate what's forgotten and long gone

and for a moment there
let this be all there is
Track Name: itch
this little creature wants to display
his multicoloured tailfeathers with a sway
this charming mamal needs a big paycheck
perpetual admiration and a pat on the back

this quaint monkey wants to take a stand
spellbound by some holy book in his hand
its trying everything that might scratch that itch
the funny thing is, it is an itch you can't scratch

icon of truth

getting attention
living in a mansion
drowning in love

against the alienation
try to fill the void

all it really wants is to belong
so the poor bastard will sing any song
supposed to be engaging, polite and nice
gotta play along with the collective lies

and it's gonna behave and it's gonna walk straight
and it's not gonna ever fucking deviate
family friendly, keep it nice and clean
devour the intruder and defend the queen

icon of truth

getting attention
living in a mansion
drowning in love

against the alienation
try to fill the void
Track Name: still there
here we are drifting around
older than we've ever been
looking for anything in this same old, same old hole
running from the same things that we ran from all the time
never once tried to check
if it's still there, still there

we're almost sobered up from the afterglow,
headaches and a bad taste in the mouth
how much does it take ?

and we pray we won't fall
don't know anything at all
and we pray we won't fall

may we always be able to remember
and to forget as well
Track Name: vine
a kiss on the eyelid,
a song for the night, yet
the worst is still to come

the stifling weight of the
things that you did and the
things that you didn't do

farewell my reminder
the embers are gone
gone with the wind

the crushing guilt
of the things you once felt
and the things you still feel

burn it to the ground
and say "I'm sorry for it all"

shattered into million pieces
Track Name: hounds
I thought i had forgiven
but sadly I need blood
I wish I could be a better man
but apparently I am not

how long can you outrun the hounds that i send for you ?
and what will be left of what is left of you now ?

it's good to know
how to swim in a melting world
I saw, I knew
but I couldn't let go

the water is disturbingly calm today
the leaves in the trees, motionless
and all the animals hide away in
eerie silence

I am in the eye of the hurricane
a dead-eyed skyward stare
sitting and waiting for new information